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Australian Finance Conference

We've quartered several of our operational expenses, but more importantly, increased our potential.
Ron Hardaker, Executive Director Australian Finance Conference, Sydney NSW Australia April 2003.

Vein Artery Specialist

That's exactly what I needed thanks.

That's great - I like that set up.

I am happy with the work you have done.
Adrian Ling, Vein Artery Specialist, Melbourne, VIC Australia, October - November 2011

Emu Creek EXTREME Retreat

11th Hour Group are always on hand and ready to help should you require changes, assistance or upgrades, its great to have a personalised backup.
Blair Maxwell, Emu Creek EXTREME Retreat, Emu Creek, NSW Australia

Macadamia Castle

11th Hour have developed a sophisticated customised database for us to track and compare sales by department for the past 10 years .

We all love its simplicity. It allows us to accurately predict future sales and required staff levels.

That enables us continue to give great customer service without a wage cost blow out.

Last round he said : "It was a little more than I expected but it was worth it"
Tony Gilding, Manager, Macadamia Castle, Knockrow, NSW, Australia, Feb 2012


Lyndsay has a rare ability to take a specification requirement and to deliver a result that usually surpasses the original requirements - to the joy and delight of the client! Her PHP knowledge is simply awesome.
July 8, 2010
Steve Silansky, Director, TaxiCabManager

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Australian Finance Conference

A comprehensive site originally created in 1998 with sections for public visitors, members and administration.

Members are notified regularly via customisable email with links to downloadable documents when added to the searchable site.

All administration functions are performed via browser, including FTP uploads, auto generated PDF mail labels and contact/mailing management.

visit www.afc.asn.au

Note: As at 30/6/2017 the AFC changed it’s name to AFIA (Australian Finance Industry Association) and replaced the majority of the staff and management. They have since developed a basic CRM site which has only a skeleton of the previous feature set.
11th Hour Group wish them well for the future.

ACE Home Loans

A simple home loan vendor site with database driven application forms and rate lists.

Vendor admin site management portal included.

visit www.acehomeloans.com.au

Suzanne O'Connell Gallery

A database-driven online art gallery.

Aboriginal Art has established itself as a major art force worldwide.

Suzanne is an established art consultant and dealer specialising in sourcing fine aboriginal art from the aboriginal communities throughout Australia.

Discover the diversity and richness of this unique art form that is Australian Indigenous Art.

visit www.suzanneoconnell.com

Byron Shire Echo (eRealty)

A realestate site listing current and previously published eRealty properties advertised in the Byron Shire Echo Newspapers (weekly).

This site is no longer in use but served the echo well for many years.

visit caretaker.11hrg.com.au

Smiling Country Gallery

Smiling Country is a gallery using ShelfSpace

BlackWall Property Funds

A 100% Instant Web Publishing Property Management solution hosted by FileMaker Pro.

Vein Artery Specialist

Web portal accessing a medical database.
Adds Calendar and Pathology downloading functionality.

Contact us for a demo

Emu Creek EXTREME Retreat

Emu Creek EXTREME Retreat is a huge inland property in Northern NSW, Australia.
The business is a place where motorbike riders and 4W Drive enthusiasts can meet and compete in events spanning several days and a place where families can take their children ride and camp or stay in cabins.

The logistics are enormous. The property is divided up into zones and within that many ‘units’ which could be a campsite or a cabin or one of the facility blocks. Each unit can be assigned maintenance staff members and notes can be taken about areas of concern. Visitors book into the Units for days at a time and can be accommpanied by family or team members. All vehicles which enter or leave the property are logged as well as detailed licensing and insurance information collected. Season passes can be purchased or entry can be on a casual per-booking basis.

Visiit their web site at emucreek.com and check out their amazing map at google maps by starting here at mucreek.com/content/view/15/30/

Macadamia Castle

Macadamia Castle is a Tourist Park at Knockrow on the Pacific Hwy just south of Byron Bay, NSW Australia.

The Park has an animal park, a mini-golf course, a cafe, a macadamia roastery and a souvenir shop.

Many years back, 11th Hour Group were contracted to convert a Park Financial Management methodology into a FIleMaker Database. The initial development required transferring daily worksheets from Excel into FileMaker using import scripts.

Since that time, many additional reports, new features and refinements have been carried out to allow management to keep a constant ‘finger on the pulse’ of this busy and popular Park’s financial circumstances.

Period Comparison reporting by Department is sophisticated and flexible and allows instant comparison of any date range for 6 separate periods.


11th Hour Group has partnered with TaxiCabManager to provide Mobile and Online connectivity to TaxiCabManager Depot Management system.

DriverAssistant: Drivers now have their Jobs and Maps and Messages and Rosters at their fingertips on their iPads... including a Panic button which sends customisable alerts SMS and TaxiCabManager flagging. GPS Tracking of vehicles is now available within TCM.

Bookings: Customers can now go a connected web site and book a trip both Single and Return to a destination ... pricing is auto-calculated based on distance mapping and vehicle selected. A transaction can be completed with eWay Payment Gateway. All finalised booking information is added as booking records to TaxiCabManager in real-time. Confirmation Summary HTML emails are sent tp the client and to depot and these contain a link to a downloadable PDF Tax Invoice with details recorded.

Rosters can also be signed up for as a separate service. Drivers can check their rostered shifts forward and back in time and apply for Available shifts... with confirming emails sent to both the Driver and the Depot.


11th Hour Group have developed the web components of the ‘iPort” for Intertek Adelaide who are the premier Australian Agricultural Testing Laboratory. OzData Solutions created the original FileMaker Database which all the web components transact with.

iPort-Web has file uploads and Customer communications monitoring for Office staff from within the FileMaker Client App.

iPort-Web has a Customer portal which allows monitoring of Intertek communication and file uploading as well as status update and allows Customers to nominate new cargo for inspection.

iPort-Web also has an Inspector portal which allows inspection results to be entered and samples to be arranged.

In addition, a version of the iPort-Web Customer portal is now integrated into the BSM (Buy Sell Move) customer sites. It automates the process of adding nominations as well as offering all the features found in the standard Customer portal.

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