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Outcome Tracker (standard)

Manage your syllabus content, your student's achievements, and reports, with Outcome Tracker.

Designed for educators and corporate trainers,
Outcome Tracker is simple to use for performance tracking and reporting.


More Detail

Setup is simple

Student Performance Monitoring and Reporting

School Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Measure learner Achievement against Targeted (Stage/Class) Outcomes and Indicators.

Results are exportable and importable by other schools with an OT installation to facilitate movement between schools as well as K-6 to 7-12 transitions.

'Snapshot' Report to create a permanent record of student progress.

Per KLA Info

Teacher and comment per KLA. All KLA scores calculated - by KLA, by Outcome, by indicator and reflected as a percentage of total possible.

Class Teacher scoring and comment. Summary KLA scores and statistical analysis are also calculated. Attendance, Library comment & Extra-Curricular Activities info all Auto-Entered.

School & Values Info - Score (1-5) per school value predefined in School Setup. Summary %score is calculated. All Reports are 'branded' with school info.

Report on-the-fly - to monitor ongoing student progress for planning.

Transform it’s look & labeling to suit businesses monitoring their corporate training.


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