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Support – what's that really mean?

Q: Does it mean that we hold your hand...?
A: Yes! Absolutely! We are there for you every step of the way...

Q: Does that mean we'll come visit you...?
A: Possibly not... we don't build in unneccessary costs. We have been providing remote support for clients we have never seen since the company began in 2000... and in fact since the late '80's.

We help you plan your project by getting to know what you want... and what you need... then using our expertise and experience we design a path of action to achieve this.

We can expertly build you a database which serves both internal business needs and external (web) client purposes. Rather than describe them here, contact us for a demo so we can pick and choose those samples you need to see. • © 2000-14 11th Hour Group Pty Ltd • ABN: 64 094 314 897   About  Contact Us